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Compiler दोस्त

2023-07-22 #english #hindi #hinglish

Code कर रहा था मैं,
Unhandled exception आ गई,
Documentation पढ रहा था मैं,
Exception की जङ समझ में आ गई।


School farewell poem

2023-07-21 #english #punjabi #hindi

I wrote this trilingual poem for my school farewell this year (held in February 2023):


The Trauma

2023-04-04 #english

Rethinking about regretted life choices, I wrote this:


Talents and qualities of my classmates

2022-11-24 #english

In Grade 10, during the period where studies were semi-online (lockdown was just opened, and we started going to school for reduced hours optionally), our English teacher Sujata ma'am provided us with projects we have to do for final evaluation. One of these was to write a song on the topic "Talents and qualities of my classmates".


The Blank Face

2022-11-22 #english

One day I had a dream, so I wrote about it: