Talents and qualities of my classmates


In Grade 10, during the period where studies were semi-online (lockdown was just opened, and we started going to school for reduced hours optionally), our English teacher Sujata ma'am provided us with projects we have to do for final evaluation. One of these was to write a song on the topic "Talents and qualities of my classmates".

While she never clarified her motive of assigning this topic, but according to me, her motive was to clear: make us realise that on-campus education has one advantage that is friends. The idea of "writing a song" was new to most students in class. To be honest, I don't even know a single person in my section who actually wrote one, maybe some wrote but they never talked to me, atleast neither of my friends wrote any song, they just copied random poems from the Internet and sang them, some even asked to copy mine (referring to you Swayam), but no poem was found on Internet with such niche topic 'Talents and qualities of my classmates', so they ended up finding poems with topics like 'friends', 'qualities of my friends'. The idea to write a poem on such niche topic was also perplexing for me, but anyhow I ended up writing one good poem which my teacher liked. So here it is:

The class 10 students are not bad, and would help whosoever is sad.
They would make a sad one laugh, and most of them obey the staff.
Some of them are good at computers, and may be good programmers.
Be it powerpoint or excel, every computer problem they smell.
Some of them are good at writing, their writings are so exciting.
They write articles and poems, be they about rain or storms.
Many of them are good at study, and act like a true buddy.
They always answer the questions, and still about aware of recent fashions.
Some of them are good at dance, but need to prepare in advance.
They always represent the school, and their dance is refreshing and cool
Some of them are good at singing, and as good as a bird’s chirping.
They always represent the school, and knit the music like a wool.
Some of them are good at sports, many play at basketball courts.
Some play cricket and other specials, and most always win nice medals.
Some of them are good in arts, and also make mindblowing crafts.
Their drawings are so realistic, and their formation is artistic.
Some of them are very kind, and such people are hard to find.
Many of them are caring, and are so much protective.
They all are so much talented, and have their talents patented.
Many of them are very creative, and also co-operative.
Anyways; they are my classmates, and have their own talents and fates.
Noone is worth calling a fool, and they are my classmates at the school.