The Trauma


Rethinking about regretted life choices, I wrote this:

Imagine someone asking the same thing over and over,
and your self esteem getting lower and lower;
your mind is supposed to regret and think everything is over,
while you just not care what's gonna happen over;

But still people ask how your progress is going,
and all these lies which I am just vowing;
just make it worse and ever-growing,
to this trauma, I am bowing and bowing;

Feeling left behind when everyone is moving ahead,
woud I ever be able to get a comforting bed;
would I be an outcast for the mistake I wed,
or would this distress just make me internally dead?

How many times I have thought about it all,
I wasn't doing what exactly was my goal;
then why did I choose that for my soul,
but now it's too late to think of control;

All I can do is face the trauma now,
or just stop inventing lies which I vow;
to the people around me to whom I bow,
this is enough and I should just now say ciao.