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Appreciation post for my sister

2022-12-18 #casual #storytime

Though we have an age gap of about 6 years, I still kinda think that we enjoyed a similar kind of childhood, dispered by some differences as well. continue...

Weird trend in school

2022-12-03 #casual #nostalgia #storytime

How can bringing thread into school almost become illegal?


Upgrading firmware in Linux using fwupd

2022-11-14 #linux #opensource

Want to upgrade your PC or laptop's firmware but don't want to use Windows?


Hamara Plymouth Theme

2022-11-14 #linux #arch

Hamara Linux was/is a India based linux distribution. It is in pretty dormant stage now (Even the site is down for some time).

I asked Chirag Sukhala what is even the need of such a Linux distribution which gives you Indic languages preinstalled when you can just install Indic languages in pretty much any popular linux distro


Translating in open-source world

2022-10-10 #opensource #linguas #linux #gnome

Isn't it amazing to get your credits in an opensource app?